Ronda van de Romerweide


2-7-2000   †19-11-2013

Ronda was a bitch from the first litter we bred in our kennel. Of course she has an even more special place. I have done a lot with her. She did obedience at G&G level, but she also did Breitensport at VK1 level. She would be the first Romerweide bitch to breed from, but an accident made that we bred from her halfsister Otje first. Ronda had a complicated fracture at a right front leg. Operation was necessary. It took a lot of time to heel, because she gave some negative reaction. The vet told me she would be able to sport again in half a year. I couldn't believe that. The only important thing to me was that she would be capable of being a dog and not just live her live sleeping in the house. He was right. She has been sporting a lot afterwards and she even became Dutch Champion (showing). She became Best Bitch at the Clubshow 2006, BOB at the Winner 2007, Best Bitch Championclass at the Clubshow 2009. She was at Crufts in 2008 and 2009.

The vet already told me that it was possible she would get trouble with her leg when she was older. That happened, but with some painmedication now and then, it worked out fine. Of course we saw her getting older.  She was short of breath. In the last half year she twice had a kind of stroke of which she recovered remarkably well.
Last few weeks she didn't want to eat very much. And when she did eat well, she was sick afterwards
So we had to decide to put her asleep. We would have liked to keep her longer, but that wouldn't be fair to her. Ronda, I miss you. Enjoy your dogfriends again!