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The Hovawart is a perfect working dog, but can also be a good familydog. Our first Hovawarts for breeding were imported to get some new lines in the Netherlands. We started with Hovawarts from Belgium and Finland. The most important thing to us is social character and good health.
All our Hovawarts are officially checked on hipdysplasia and eye-diseases. All the dogs we use for breeding are perfectly healthy.
Our Hovawarts are looking for active families who like to do something with them.

Besides daily walks, they like training or doing sports. We always advice puppy socialisation and training. Nothing is as important as good start at the raise of a Hovawart. That's why leadership and clearness is a must, because also the ever so lovely Hovawart can become an agressive dog. People who like to have an Hovawart from our kennel, are invited to come and have a look at our Hovawarts., because in this way you can get a better idea of our dogs and we learn to know future owners. You better call before visiting. So you will be sure that we and our hovawarts are at home.

Already since 1993 we are complete hovawart fanatics. In 1994 we imported our first Hovawart bitch from Belgium. She was bred through the official hovawart club of Belgium. She is a beautifull black bitch. Both parents were free of hip-dysplasia(HD). Further there were no problems known in these lines. We wanted to breed our first litter with this bitch, Timbra van Hovaveld. Unfortunately it didn’t work out. Timbra seemed to have a very severe form of HD. We are very lucky that she didn’t have much pain of this, but Timbra was not able to do a lot of sport.

In 1997 we imported two new Hovawart ladies, this time from Finland. From those both ladies we had offspring. They have great characters and are good family dogs. Even in families with small children, dogs or other animals they have proved to feel at home. Rosenna and Ronda van de Romerweide showed their qualities too. They are both Dutch Champion. Just like Willow van de Romerweide.

Meanwhile we imported a beautifull black and gold dog, Airforce Bohaemic, from the Czech Republic and the blond bitch, Hayaklause Marilyn, from Finland. Airforce Bohaemic is an approved studdog at the Hovawart Rasvereniging Nederland. Hayaklause Marilyn is still very young. We will have to see what future brings with her.