Jitka van de Romerweide

Jitka van de Romerweide september 2020Jitka van de Romerweide is a black and gold bitch. Her parents are Arizona van de Romerweide and Air Force Bohaemic. She was born on June 17th 2017. Krek as we call her, wasn't first to receive markings. She just has a very little bit. This doesn't have to mean her future puppies will have the same. As her littermates do have complete markings, just like her parents.

Although she didn't get much markings, she does have a strong mind in defending what belongs to her. She uses this strongJitka van de Romerweide alias Krek mind in playing. In her enthusiasm she sometimes does "touch" my hands, but that's no problem to me. An other typical characteristic of the hovawart she also has. She has a very good nose. During shopping, she can easily find her boss when he went another way. She goes the exact same way he went. With female dogs she is not big friends, but with the boys she is okay. She is reserved with people she doesn't know.

Krek has a hipscore A, in the Netherlands as well as in Germany. She did have an ECVO eyetest with good results. In july 2021 she passed her first breedingtest in Dortmund, Germany. Her second breedingtest she passed in september 2023 in Kelkheim, Germany. Jitka had one litter, the Q-litter