Air Force Bohaemic (Petname Tiswa)

Air Force BohaemicAir Force Bohaemic was born in the Czech Republicat January 26th 2014. He is a black and gold dog with a great coat and a very independant character. Airforce is a relaxed, confident, friendly dog that likes to work with you. At this moment we are very satisfied with his character as well as his exterior. In exterior he is a strong typeAirforce Bohaemic kop with a lot of coat, good angulation and very good movement. His character is confident and independant. He is very suitable as a guard dog. He won't let people enter his garden without permission of us.

Important reason to import him from the Czech Republic were his ancestors. We like his parents and hope to bring something new in the hovawart. In October 2015 he passed his behavioural test at the Hovawart Rasvereniging Nederland. His hipscore is A, judged by the Raad van Beheer and A, judged in Germany with dr. Grussendorf. And he also has a good result on his ECVO eyetest. So we are proud to say he is allowed to be used as a studdog for suitable hovi ladies.

He had his first litter in our own kennel. The result of the combination Air Force Bohaemic x Arizona van de Romerweide is the J-litter van de Romerweide. His second litter is out of the combination with Hayaklause Marilyn. Offspring outside of the Netherlands isn't there yet.

Because he shows well, he has become VDH Europasieger 2016 and 2018 in Dortmund (Germany). He is Dutch Champion, Luxemburg Champion, German Champion RZV, German Champion VDH and International Show Champion.

He became Clubwinner of the Hovawart Club Great Britain (HCGB) in 2016 and Clubwinner of the Hovawart Rasvereniging Nederland (HRN) 2016. At the IHF-clubshow of the Belgische Hovawartclub he became BOS.