We are expectingWe are expecting to breed another litter with Jitka van de Romerweide in 2024.  November 2023 we hope to tell you more about it. You will hear from us.

Should you be interested in a puppy from our kennel, please don't hesitate to contact us. We think it is great for both parties to learn to know each other. The best would be a visit so you also learn to know our dogs. At the moment two girls, Jitka van de Romerweide (Krek) and Soso Suomesta van de Romerweide (Soso) and one dog Air Force Bohaemic (Tiswa) belong to our pack. Our pack lives with us in our house in Germany. When we go away for holidays with our mobilhome, they will accompany us during our travel.

So if you like to visit us, please contact us in advance.