We are expecting a litter from Gambo vom Kreuzberger Hof

We are expecting to breed a litter at the end of 2020 with Nana van de Romerweide. This litter will be bred in the RZV Germany. We are expecting her season in october, but it could as well be november.

As a studdog for this litter we found the handsome Gambo vom Kreuzberger Hof. Django, as he is called, is a real stunning fellow. He has wonderful markings, but more important, he has a great character. Beside those great characteristics, he is healthy. All his health results are okay, just as with Nana. For the case, Django wouldn't be capable of mating because of illness, holidays or whatsoever, Gaby Schmidt is prepared to put her dog Gino vom Kreuzberger Hof in as a studdog. Thank you very much for that.

Nana started her season in oktober, as expected. At the begin of november we could drive to Django in Hanau for a mating. We got a lovely present there, because they had a great play together. It really seemed they were in "love". Beside this great play, we also had two good matings. We will now have to wait if it will all work out. If everything goes well, we expect our puppies 2021. So we will have a happy start of the year. The names of these puppies will start with P.

Claudia, thank you very much for your hospitality.

We are really expecting!!We are happy to announce we that the P-litter is definitely on its way. We expect at least more than one puppy. We are looking forward to january.

They say the last part is the hardest. At least it is to me, because i'm so curious how many little ones we will get. For Nana it is all peanuts. She is still running, playine and jumping around.

If you are interested in a puppy from our kennel, you can always contact us. The puppies from this litter all will have homes as we have a huge waiting list. But for litters in future we could put seriously interested people on a waiting list. We are prepared to export a puppy under certain restrictions. You want to know more, please contact us.