We are expecting the Q litter after Easter. And so it went. Our Q litter arrived on April 20th.

Belek vom HelmefelWe are expecting puppies from Belek vom Helmefeld headd, called Bartl, is a very well marked black and gold dog. He is friendly, open and has a great drive. He loves tracking and "schutzdienst".  At home he lives with several different animals. This is not a problem at all to him.

We had the luck to meet some progeny from him. Very social, open and curious dogs that love to play with their humans. We hope he will give his character further in our litter with Krek as he did with the other bitch.  If everything will work out fine, we hope to welcome a litter from Krek at the beginning of 2022.


If you are interested in a puppy from our kennel, you can always contact us.  We are prepared to export a puppy under certain restrictions. You want to know more, please contact us. We are expecting from future owners to pick up the puppy theirselves.