We are expecting a litter from Primus von ArminiusWe are expecting a litter from Nana van de RomerweideWe are expecting to breed a second litter from Nana van de Romerweide. Her season is expected at the end of december 2022/beginning of january 2023. We have been thinking over before we decided to breed from her at the moment. But as we have several people interested in a puppy from her, we decided to go for a last litter from her. Nana had a litter of 10 puppies in 2021.  We are expecting the R litter then in 2023.

After a search we have found the great black and gold studdog Primus vom Arminius. We are very satisfied with our choice. Primus has a great character, which is of the utmost importance to us. Further he is completely healthy. The owner of Primus has done a lot of working with him in IGP and still does tracking with him. Besides all those positive qualities, he could also give a bit more markings to our puppies, which would be nice.

The litter will be bred under the regulations of the largest Hovawartclub of Germany, the RZV, official VDH club. This means both parents have at least passed the mental tests, have a good hipscore and are free of inherited eye diseases. Both parents also have had a hearttest. They didn't show any signs of problems


Should you be interested in a puppy of this litter, we would be happy if you contact us in an early stage. As it is not just easy pick up a puppy, especially when the puppy goes to UK or even further away.

If you would like a puppy from our kennel, please do not expect us to send the puppy over on his own as a "parcel". We always want you to pick up the puppy or we can have a look if we have a possibility to bring the puppy over ourselves


Wir züchten unter den Regeln und Richtlinien der RZV, offizielle Rassezuchtverein des VDH. Beide Elterntiere haben HD- und Augenuntersuchung gehabt und dabei war alles in Ordnung. Auch haben sowohl Mutter als Vater einen Herzuntersuchung gemacht. Auch hier wurden keine Problemen festgestellt.

Wenn Sie Interesse hätten an eine Welpe aus unsere Zucht, nehmen Sie gerne Kontakt zu uns auf. Wir machen gerne eine Verabredung damit Sie unsere Hunden und uns kennenlernen. Wir freuen uns.  Wir bekommen auf diese Weise auch eine Idee was Sie wirklich suchen und beraten Sie auch gerne weiter wenn der Wurf da ist.