We are expecting the R litter Nana van de Romerweide x Primus von ArminiusWe are expecting the R-litterWe are expecting to welcome the R-litter van de Romerweide at Easter.

At the end of january, Nana finally came into season. For this litter we had chosen the very stabile dog Primus von Arminius. Primus is a great representative of the breed. He is a very nicely marked, strong dog with a very nice head with a strong expression. His character is really great. We really like him very much. It was nice to discover at the first phonecall to his owner, that we (the owners) already knew eachother. We have been in the beautifull part of Germany, Sauerland, in 2005 to visit Anne also for a mating. Heros von Arminius then mated with our Ronda van de Romerweide. This led to the K-litter.

The mating

After a 2 hour drive, partly through beautiful winterwonderland, Nana met Primus for the first time. They We are expecting the R litter Nana van de Romerweide x Primus von Arminiusstarted with a very nice play together, but soon they both became more serious. At the same day we could be happy about the first mating. When we came back after two days, Nana and Primus were both very enthousiastic and again in love. Within half an hour we had the second mating.

Ultrasound confirmed the pregnancy of Nana. The studdog-owners as well as we, are very happy.

This litter will be bred under the regulations of the largest Hovawartclub of Germany, the RZV, official VDH club. Both parents have at least passed the mental tests, have a good hipscore and are free of inherited eye diseases. They also both have had a hearttest. They didn't show any signs of problems


Should you be interested in a puppy of this litter, we would be happy if you contact us in an early stage. As it is not just easy pick up a puppy, especially when the puppy goes to UK or even further away.

If you would like a puppy from our kennel, please do not expect us to send the puppy over on his own as a "parcel". We always want you to pick up the puppy or we can have a look if we have a possibility to bring the puppy over ourselves