News about our dogs

October 2021:

  • Hip x-ray from Soso has been made, waiting for result
  • Unfortunately we had to put some dogs in Hovawalla

August 2021:

  • ECVO eyetest from Jitka is okay
  • ECVO eyetest from Soso Suomesta is okay

July 2021:

  • Jitka passed her breedingtest (ZTP) in Dortmund, Germany

January 2021:

  • P-litter was born

December 2020:

  • Ultrasound confirmed the pregnancy of Nana!

November 2020:

  • We went for a mating from Nana and Gambo vom Kreuzberger Hof

October 2020:

  • Nana has been registered in the German studbook
  • Our kennelname has been transferred to Germany
  • We found a handsome guy for the mating of Nana

News breedingtest Nana van de RomerweideAugust 2020:

  • Nana van de Romerweide did her second ZTP (Breedingtest) in Germany with RZV (Rassezuchtverein für Hovawarthunde)h

September 2019:

  • Nana van de Romerweide passed her Breedingtest in Germany with RZV.
  • Air Force Bohaemic became BOS at the IHF-show at Belgische Hovawart Club.

August 2019:

  • The hipscore from Germany came in for Air Force Bohaemic, Nana van de Romerweide and Jitka van de Romerweide. All A, which is great news.

May 2019:

April 2019:

  • Ultrasound confirmed the pregnancy of Hayaklause Marilyn. Puppies expected in the second half of May

March 2019:

  • Air Force Bohaemic received his title International Show Champion
  • Hayaklause Marilyn and Air Force Bohaemic mated

January 2019:

  • Air Force Bohaemic received the title German Champion RZV and German Champion VDH
  • We received the breedingpermission for Hayaklause Marilyn. Look at "we are expecting"

December 2018:

  • We received the first hipscores of the J-litter. Jindrik, Jitka and Jinak all got HD-A. We are waiting for the other results to come in.