My dogs

My dogs Damirazin Silmäterä and Simasuu and Timbra van Hovaveld

My dogs came from Finland. My dogs Unique en Arizona van de Romerweide

I imported two littersisters from Finland, a black and gold and a blonde. The official names are: Damirazin Silmäterä and Damirazin Simasuu. They came to the Netherlands together at the age of seven weeks. I
choose for finnish Hovawarts, because they have such a social character. They do defend as they should as Hovawart, but in Finland the Hovawart is mostly used as searchdog and further the Hovawart is also a good familyDSC01605dog in Finland. These Finnish ladies brought me good daughters who continue our breeding.

In 2014 I also imported a beautifull dog, Air Force Bohaemic, from the Czech Republic. He already shows very well.
And I also have a new Finnish line in Hayaklause Marilyn, blond bitch.