Hayaklause Marilyn (Petname Joki)

Hayaklause Marilyn jeugdwinster Amsterdam 2015 kleinerHayaklause Marilyn maart 2016

Born: January 30, 2015

Hayaklause Marilyn came from Finland. She has a black and gold Finnish bred mother and a blond German bred father. Hayaklause Marilyn has a lot of temperament and loves to work. She is a very confident and happy lady. We already started tracking with her. She really loves it. We can hardly stop her.

At the Winner of Amsterdam 2015 Hayaklause Marilyn did her first show with success. She got first place excellent and became Jeugdwinster 2015.

In January 2016 Hayaklause participated in the show in Endhoven. The judge gave her a very good report.  At the Clubshow of the HRN 2016, she was placed second with an excellent report. At the Clubshow of the Österreichischer Klub der Hovawartfreunde 2016, second place excellent.

She passe her breedingtest with the Hovawart Rasvereniging Nederland. Her hipscore is A and she had her eyes tested at ECVO. So a litter from her should be a possibility.