Week 8

Time has come to say goodbye to some puppies. We will see back several puppies at the puppytraining and at the young dog day. The first positive stories are coming back from the new owners. That is always nice. Unfortunately two puppies didn't find their new forever home yet. 

Teagan, the blond dog, is still here. Teagan van de Romerweide is a very devoted and sensible boy. We prefer a quiet family for him. Teagan loves cuddles.  

T-nest van de Romerweide wk8Tembi, a black and gold bitch is also looking for a new home. Tembi van de Romerweide has a lot of temperament. She has a strong character and wants to do everything her way. Tembi is a friendly puppy who loves to work with her owner. Because of her temperament would a dog experienced family be preferred.

Teagan van de Romerweide found his forever home. Of course we are training Tembi. She goes for walks on lead, shopping, drives in the car. Tembi isn't scared of traffic at all and she is very friendly to people. Meanwhile she learned she is not the one to decide how everything goes.

Tembi van de Romerweide is twelve weeks now and still looking for a suitable home. 
Fortunately Tembi found her forever home and does well.