Week 1

At May 11 at 20.00 hours the first puppy of the T-litter is born. It is a black and gold bitch. Until 24.00 hours we got eight puppies. A beautifull litter, but at 2.00 hours I was suprised by a puppy. Just like her mother, Unique van de Romerweide had nine puppies. I was proud, but at 4.00 hours there came another puppy. So it became a litter of ten. Unique was very tired after giving birth to ten puppies. She had been panting since the morning and then there came three puppies with the bum first, one of those puppies, a blond boy, had a weight of 700 grams. 

T-nest van de Romerweide week 1 (1) T-nest van de Romerweide week 1 (4)

The weights of the puppies at wednesday were between 470 and 720 grams. Most were between 500 and 600 gramas. They are doing fine and Unique van de Romerweide is a very good mother. 

T-nest van de Romerweide week 1 (2)The puppies grow well. The weights on sunday are between 630 and 870 grams. The blond dog of 700 grams, is still the heaviest. The black bitch is still the lightest. She is probably going to look like her mother. She isn't very heavy. 

Unique takes good care of herself and takes some rest, leaving her puppies in the box. She also enjoys having a walk with our other dogs. Of course we only make a short walk.