S-litter week 7

How is the S-litter week 7 doing ? This week is a busy week with a lot of appointments. Of course the usual puppyvisits, but this week we will also have a visit from the Hovawart Rasvereniging Nederland to a litter check. The puppies will all be checked on exterior and we receive a report of each puppy. And also a little character test will be done. Everything seen in the charactertest will be written in a report too.

Saaga didn't like the exterior check. She thought: "Strange thing, standing on a table. I have never done that before." She was a bit impressed, but she just let it happen. The two other puppies were okay with it. The first puppy who started the charactertest, was still sleepy. We really had tried to wake him up properly, but he seemed to need more time. They had been active whole afternoon already. And what could you do about that?  .....Nothing, just let them play and discover. All puppies were okay.

The day after we went to the vet with all puppies and Joki to have them checked and vaccinated. The little ones made sure the vet knew they were there and peed inside. On the table they did well, although Saaga still didn't like it at all. They all had their first vaccination. All puppies were okay. Next vaccination will be at the new owner.

Unfortunately Joki became ill after the vaccination. She was crying, throw up and had a high temperature. We had never experienced this before. Whether it was the vaccination or something else, we don't know. The day after she threw up in the morning, but afterwards not anymore. She didn't seem to be in pain and she had a normal temperature. But her illness was a reason for us to keep her seperated from the puppies, because we wouldn't risk the puppies getting ill. We fed Joki in smaller portions and she looks recovered.

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