S-litter week 6

 What is happening with the S-litter week 6 ? They are growing so fast. The first one past the 6 kilos. Great. This week wasn't so wonderfull to them. It was just to warm. But they know that they need to stay calm with warm weather and so they did. Whole day long siësta. Except siësta, they also got visitors. One of them was someone who came to chip them. So now it is sure, the lighter one is Soso Suomesta and the darker one is Saaga Kesävalon. Chipping went well, but of course there is always one crying a bit. That was Syn Tiswy. But it wasn't much.

All the puppies have got collars now. Not because i can't tell them apart, but just to get them used to it. In the beginning they scratched a lot, but that was just a short period. At the end of the week we made a real short walk on leash with each of them. And that went very well. Joki still likes having the puppies around. She even starts to play with them.

next week we have a litter control from the Hovawart Rasvereniging Nederland and of course a visit to the vet. They will be checked and vaccinated.  en de controle en inenting door de dierenarts op het programma staan. So that will be an exciting week. More to me than to the puppies, they are ok with everything. They are so relaxed just like Joki.