S-litter week 5

Our dark blond lady, Saaga started eating kibble without any problem, so did Saxon. Soso doesn't like the kibble, she rather has milk from mummy. If she has kibble in her mouth, she acts like she is being poisoned and tries to get the kibble out with her paw. So we started to weaken the kibble with milk. They are growing very well. At the end of this week they are almost 5 kilo. During this week Saxon became heavier as his sister Saaga.



The puppies are already very independant and mostly lay down on their own. They feel no need to stay with Joki, who doesn't mind that. The other dogs are still not welcome to go to the puppies. The litter is very relaxed, only the boy Saxon makes a lot of noise if he is not satisfied. He wants to do what he wants. Of course we do have to let him down on that. He will have to adapt.

Although the puppies are being fed, they still enjoy the milk with mummy as a desert. So Joki does still need extra feeding, which she doesn't mind. It will never be enough to her. So we have to watch she won't eat the whole bag at once.

The puppies are going outside now, even if they are just as happy inside. We hope they can go out more next week. So they can discover more.

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