S-litter week 4

 How is the S-litter week 4 doing ? They finally decided to leave the box and investigate the rest of the room. So I have put an extra cushion and blanket outside the box. I thought it would be nice for the puppies. Not, they just lay down at the floor. This week will be a busy week. We will have visitors. They will meet children for the first time. Always nice to see how they react. Of course they are only awake for short periods. Afterwards they sleep and dream again. They are stars in dreaming. You see them shaking and hear them barking and even growling. It is great to see and hear. I can watch for hours and enjoy.

This week we had nice weather to have a play outside. The puppies reacted as if it was very normal, but it was clear they had a lot of new impressions. They were tired and fell in a deep sleep.


Joki goes into the box often when the puppies are out and tries to find some rest.  The puppies can get out of the box, but not back in. Joki is happy with this fact.  Because the   puppies have their teeth already, drinking is not so nice anymore for mum. So soon they will have to get kibble. And they can use it, even if they are not really skinny.