S-litter week 3

 How is the S-litter week 3? They are fine. We started this week with deworming. We deworm with a paste. Mostly you see ugly faces with the puppies, but not with this litter. They swallowed it without any problem. So deworming nr. 1 is in already.

This week we had a few very hot days. The puppies as well as Joki were very quiet. But that's okay. We are happy with that. Obviously they know that they have to slow down with this weather. In this way we prevent a lot of problems. They all grew a lot this week, especially the dark blond is a heavy one. We were anxious to see if they could walk. All puppies walked, although   still in the whelping box.  They do look outside the box. But when the milk factory always enters the box, why going outside then? Especially the dog looks a lot like his daddy. If he wants something, he'll get it. If not, he gets really noisy.

At the moment it is a lot of sleeping and eating. And that's very good, because that's the way to grow.


Mummy leaves the box more, but as soon as the puppies make noises, she is back in. Tiswa still is not very welcome to have a look at his kids. It is understandable that Joki wants to go outside the box, the little pyranhas get teeth.  Joki will probably not be happy about that. But still the care for the puppies is more important to her than her own wellbeing. So, as soon as the puppies call her, she is there.