S-litter week 2

is happening with the S-litter week 2 ? They are fine. The puppies have been growing very well. The birthweights have been doubled. They are satisfied and drinking almost all day and night. And Joki, our topmother, does everything to make her puppies happy. She lays down very carefully to let them drink. The dark blond lady is eating like a monster. She always finds the best place and when there isn't coming very much, she moves over to the next one.  As soon as one of the puppies is separated from the other and mother, you'll hear. Joki becomes restless and tries to help the puppy to find his way.

week Arizona van de Romerweide found an opportunity to have a close look at the puppies. Of course this was when mummy Joki wasn't there, as shetolerate the other dogs to come at her puppies.  Although the ladies can have a look from behind the fence, Tiswa isn't allowed to have a closer look at the puppies. He will be told off by Hayaklause Marilyn.

The names of the puppies have been chosen. The dog will get three names and both ladies will have two. The name of the dog is Saxon (= from Germany) Syn Tiswy (= son of Tiswa in Czech). One bitch will get the name Soso Suomesta (= from Finland in Finnish). And the other one will be called Saaga Kesävalon (= story of the summerlight in Finnish). All together they will have seven names!