S-litter week 1

S-litter week 1. As expected (due date may 20) the S-litter was born at may 21,2019. In the early morning I was woken up by barking. A reason to have a look. Joki was restless. She was panting a lot and couldn't find the right way to lay down. It seemed her water was broken. Outside the box there was a fairly wet place. Despite the panting and digging, she didn't seem to be ready yet. It seemed to be a false alarm. About half past six still nothing going on. We keep a close eye on her.

Finally at 10.30 the first puppy landed, a black and gold boy. Almost two hours later a second puppy arrives. It is a blond bitch. Another hour later a heavy puppy of almost 600 grams arrives, again a blond bitch. She is a bit darker than the other one. We are waiting for another one. At the ultrasound we thought we saw four puppies. Of course it is always difficult to see the number at an ultrasound.  But there didn't come another one. We keep a litter of three puppies in perfect condition, as well as mum. aantal te halen. Maar nee, er komt geen pup meer. As Joki had already milk for the last week, this doesn't seem to be a problem. The start has been made with the S-litter week 1.

Food is not a problem at all. The puppies grow fast and mummy takes very good care of them. It really is a joy to hear them drinking!