R litter week 6

R litter week 6How did the R litter week 6 do? It was a week with a lot of experiences. The puppies need some more challenges. Just a new toy doesn't bring a lot. We had several visitors this week. First we started this week with some discovering of the garden. The little gang played in the high grass and in the sand. Running up and down the hill. Our puppies knew exactly how to come back to their own pen after playing. They ran down our garden on their own.

Later in the week, Alexx and Sven visited us. They have a halfbrother out of the first litter of Nana. Together we took the puppies for a short walk in the woods. We started with the dogs. Afterwards we went with the girls. When we went with our little ladies, it was getting warmer. And we could see that on them.

R Wurf Woche 6, Besuch an den KindernAt the end of the week we had a trip to a children's home. So they had their first drive in the car. At the beginning they made some noise, but soon they settled in. There wasn't any puppy getting ill during the drive. So that's good. When we arrived at the home, Nana and the puppies could run free in the garden, where they heard some new traffic sounds. The children came out not all at once and of course their supervisors also came out to have a look at the litter. During their stay, the puppies also have been sleeping for a while, so they could start discovering again afterwards. Driving back home with them, didn't give any problem.