R litter week 2

R litter week 2, yellow collar van de RomerweideR litter week 2 has started. At the beginning of the week we had some problems with diarrhea, but this problem was solved very quickly. We are very happy with that. Mama Nana looks very good after her puppies. She is a very caring mummy. When she needs some rest, she lies down outside the whelping box, either on her blanket or just on the floor. This week she even wanted to go for a real walk. She was really enjoying the sniffing around. When we came back, she shortly looked at the pupppies. They were all sleeping, so she could enjoy a little rest.

R litter week 2 van de RomerweideThe puppies are gaining weight. When one or another puppy doesn't gain much weight, it usually does it the day afterwards. One puppy, with the grey collar, gave it a try to walk at the beginning of the week. And it didn't even go too bad, althought the eyes are still closed.

At the end of the week almost all puppies had opened their eyes. They are getting more and more active in the box. When i am cleaning up the box, the puppies are one a blanket outside of the box. Our little hovis then start to explore the surroundings. Puppyplay has also started. So nice to see.