R litter week 1

R litter with Nana van de RomerweideIt's time. The R litter week 1 has started.

April 11th 2023 I was woken up by Nana at about 2 o'clock in the morning. Nana was restless. Her bodytemperature the evening before, already gave a hint that the puppies would be delivered soon.

She is panting, digging and she is clearly restless, but she didn't have any contractions yet. About 3.30 hours we saw the first amnion, but still no contractions. At 6 am Nana and I finally delivered number one. It wasn't an easy delivery. The next three puppies went a lot easier, but Nana lost a lot of her power on the first one. She was really tired. At 8 o'clock the fourth puppy has landed. In total we had 2 dogs and 2 bitches. Although we had seen 5 puppies on ultrasound and I had the feeling it would be a litter of 6. Nana was tired and all the puppies were satisfied. It looked like the delivery was over, but it also could be that she takes a longer break.

Primus von Arminius freut sich über den R Wurf van de Romerweide Against 11 we went outside and Nana tried to get something out, she did have some contractions. So we decided to visit the vet and get confirmation if she would be ready or not. My guts were right, there were still two puppies in. And even better, they were alive and had a strong heart sound. After a thorough examination, we decided to induce the contractions.

Arriving home, we had to additional puppies within 45 minutes. So we had a litter of 3 black and gold dogs and 3 black and gold bitches. We are very happy and so is daddy Primus von Arminius, as you can see.