P-litter week 3

Week 3 started with deworming. For the puppies we always use the paste, which they mostly don't like. You should see their faces. Much easier to deworm Nana. We do that with pills. She doesn't have any problem with that.

We did have a problem this week. Nana didn't have enough milk, so the puppies didn't gain weight anymore. As they were just over 2 weeks, dry food won't work. So we had to start some bottlefeeding. Fortunately we have very clever puppies and at the end of the week they understood how to drink milk from little dishes. We were lucky enough that the milk from Nana was enough for the night. So we did get some sleep. So we did it together and the puppies gained weight again.

The nice time is starting now. The puppies start to walk and to play, which is great to watch. I really like this time when they start to develop their own character. The eyes and ears are working now, so they start to react on everything that happens. They already know the noises for feeding and their noses work better and better. They bark and leave the whelping box on their own. It is really very enjoyable.