P-litter week 2

Blonds in the P litter week 2Yes, we landed in the second week already. Last week Nana had some trouble with diarrhea, but we managed to get rid of it. She is fin now. Althought she hasn't been ill last week and the puppies have been growing anyway.  That does not mean that we wouldn't be happy that this problem has been solved.

We received the smaller collars and can now mark the puppies if necessary. Not all puppies got a collar. Our blond guy doesn't have one. He is very easy to recognise because he is the only lighter blond. His name is Pinokkio. The two blond girls are Peanut and Popcorn. One wears a purple collar and the other one doesn't wear a collar. Who will be Peanut and who will be Popcorn, we will decide later.

The black and gold bitches wear a whit, yellow and pink collar. Two girls have some white toes at the moment. So we can distinguish them from each other, but with collars is much easier. Especially with weighing them every day.

The black and gold dogs wear a brown, red, blue and green collar.

The markings on the black and gold are not all the same. We have puppies with a lot of markings and puppies with less markings. How they will look in future, we'll have to wait and see.

Black and gold dogs P litter week 2