Week 1

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At November 11th Arizona van de Romerweide became restless. So the tension rises.  She had been restless for the complete day, but nothing happened. The same way in the night. 12 November in the morning her water broke. So it couldn't take long anymore until we meet the first puppy. Aboutt 11 o'clock we saw a first contraction. But it didn't go on. 

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And then at about half past one, nr 1 arrives. After half an hour another one and again half an hour and the next two are there. At half past five nr 6 arrived and then we had 6 blonds. The owner of Bendix was worried that it wouldn't give any black and gold. But then there were three black and golds, 1 dog and 2 bitches. The blonds were 4 boys and 2 girls. That is a nice litter of 9 hovis. All puppies had a good weight and we were satisfied. We couldn't know then that we would get such a hard week. 

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The puppies do not really grow, mum is restless, she doesn't have enough milk and the puppies get restless. We had to decide to bottlefeed the puppies beside the milk they get from Arizona. I can tell you no one gets happy about that. There is nothing better than the milk from mother. Little Nissa gains weight again. That's a relief. In the mean time the vet visits us every day to watch after mother and puppies. The milk is still not really there with Arizona. So we do a lot of work on that. As if it isn't trouble enough, Arizona doesn't want to eat. So we start to cook for her. At the same time we try to have Nissa drink  the natural milk with Arizona. And yes, it happened. Nissa starts to drink herself. Unfortunately this was just a short revival before the end. The little girl didn't make it. We are sad, but you can't force nature. 

After some help with homeopathy, Arizona seems to feel better. She relaxes and even finds time for herself outside the box. She wants to cuddle again and her tail is also wagging again. She eats her normal food again. The puppies gain weight and satisfied noises come out of the box. Pfffff............... It seems we are on the right way.