05-06-2003  †26-06-2016


Wild Guy came as a first dog to Marcel and Gerdie. They already had a cat. In the beginning Guy gave a lot of work. Dogs do give a bit more work than cats. Guy was a kind of dog without breaks, we always said. He showed this also when he jumped down from a height of 4 meters to go to Marcel. So we had to go to the vet during holidays. As a miracle, he didn't really have big problems. Although he did this, Marcel and Gerdie tried again to go on holiday with Guy. This time they went to the sea, where Guy had to try the water. You can imagine what happened at night. So Marcel en Gerdie decided to go on holiday without Guy. For Guy they found a good holidayresort. So everyone happy, Marcel, Gerdie and Guy.

Guy had a very loving home with Gerdie and Marcel. Also the feeding was done with a lot of love. Marcel and Gerdie, thanks for everything. Use everything you learned with Guy, in raising Bowie. So he can give you joy. Raising the first dog is always more difficult!