Unique van de Romerweide


04-10-2007    †  11-01-2021

Unique or Urban as we called her, was raised together with her sister Ursine, Rhea. Urban was quite an unique dog. She was a very cuddly dog, but also a loner. She was never very fond of other dogs. The only dog she liked to play with, was Soso. Even when she was already 13 years old. We have been watching their play with astonishment.

Urban did have two different sides in her character. On one side she was cuddly and sensitive, on the other side she was a real guarddog. Almost till the end she was the leader of the pack.

We have bred one litter from her. Afterwards we didn't achieve any succes in breeding from her. Something was wrong. We had her neutered and then she changed. She was more playfull, happy and even more selfconscious. Neutering was for her a good decision.

She had always been a healthy girl. Only in her last year she got more trouble. Her hindquarters were getting weak and she couldn't get up to well. In her last months it looked as if she had a stroke. She couldn't get up and she moved her head. After a few hours everything seemed to be okay. Unfortunately she got another stroke. She couldn't walk anymore. We had to carry her outside to wee. We didn't need a lot of time to decide to put her asleep. A dog needs to be able to be a dog.

Dear Urban, we still miss you!!