Twirre van de Romerweide


11-05-2011    †  01-06-2021

Soon, as Twirre van de Romerweide was called, didn't come with Jacobien as she was a puppy. Jacobien did enter the list for a puppy from the T-litter, but personal circumstances made that she couldn't take the puppy then. When she called again when she had the opportunity to take a hovawart, we were just looking for a new home for Twirre. Jacobien always said: "It just had to be that i get a dog from the T-litter."
Unfortunately Soon had health issues. Jacobien did everything possible to help Soon. Medication, therapy, special bed, special food, she tried everything. At the end Soon wasn't capable to take longer walks. To take care that Soon also would get other walkingareas, Jacobien bought a special car to transport Soon to new walking areas.
At the 1st of june Jacobien had to decide to let Soon go. That was a hard decision, but as Jacobien always tried to do the best for Soon, she now did the same.
Dear Jacobien, thank you so much for your tireless dedication and love for Soon!!