11-05-2010    † 04-04-2014

Summer 2013 I received a phonecall from Anja in which she told me that Quinty, petname of Toshi, had problems with an earinfection for a longer time and it didn't really get better. At her request I went with her and Quinty to the vet, but after several weeks later there was still no improvement. It was obvious that the treatment of her ears was very painfull. The vet wanted to sent her to a specialist in earproblems. On advice of a friend, Quinty was examined at the University of Giessen (Germany). Again they couldn't help her and they advice to make an MRI scan. The vets were afraid that Quinty had a tumor in the middle ear. Unfortunately they were right. The world collapsed.

Anja went on again and did everything possible to help Quinty. All examination results were sent to the University of Utrecht (Netherlands), departement oncology. Unfortunately they couldn't help Quinty anymore, because the typ of tumor was not treatable. The expectation was that she would suffer balance disorders in a short time. At the 4th of April Anja informed me that Quinty all of a sudden was in a terrible pain that morning and she collapsed. Anja and Martin directly called the vet and shortly afterwards she was put asleep.

Anja and Martin, life is unfair!! I just want to thank you again for everything you did for Quinty to give her a good life.