Izzi van de Romerweide


10-02-2004    † 28-03-2013

In April 2004 Izzi moved. He was a special dog to Céline, Elvera en Marijke. When he just moved, he was often driven in the buggy, because he wasn't able to walk far. He was still a puppy. After growing and getting more mature, he could walk further. He really enjoyed that.

At the reunion of the I-litter, he was clearly the less dominant one. He was very social with dogs and always happy. He lived together with two cats, which he also loved. Sometimes they slept together on the couch. At night there was put a blanket on the couch for him to sleep on. Sometimes when Céline came home late at night she fell asleep with him.

Izzi also loved to go for a ride with the car, even if it was just pick somebody up.

After a while they discovered that his heart didn't beat the way it should, although he didn't have any problem with it. Unfortunately in 2013 his health was worse. He didn't walk very far, was short of breath and his muscles disappeared. At the 28th of March Céline, Elvera and Marijke had to make a choice. He died in their arms and was buried in the garden.

The special connection Izzi had with Koekie, the cat, was even visible when he wasn't there anymore. Everytime when Koekie went out, he sat on Izzi's grave. Since Izzi left, it is quiet in the house.

Céline, Elvera en Marijke, thank you very much for all the love and care you gave Izzi.