Ike van de Romerweide hovawallaIKE VAN DE ROMERWEIDE

10-02-2004  †07-04-2013


Ike lived with us as a young dog, because he was not completely healthy as we discovered when he was a puppy. We decided that it wouldn't be fair to give people a lot of sadness when they have to say goodbye in an early age. The chance that this would happen was really there.

However Jan was really mad about Ike. We told him why Ike stayed with us and he had a clear vision in those things. He said: " You never know what age a dog will be. You just enjoy the time you get together." He wanted to give Ike a good home and so Boyke as he called him, moved to him. Boyke always enjoyed his life together with Otje.

On a later age it appeared that Boyke had bone cancer. I heard this just before the Kennelreunion at the 7th of April.. Despite this, he would be coming to the reunion. Jan told us that he wouldn't be able to make the walk of play the games, but he would be there. Unfortunately it didn't work out. Boyke broke a leg and was severely in pain. The only fair solution for Boyke was to put him asleep. Jan and Truus thank you for everything.