Elaine van de Romerweide


12-10-2002    † 03-11-2014

Elaine, her name means ardour and that is a perfect description of her character. She also had a lot of good characteristics. She was always happy. She liked to learn, she was alert and guarding well. She was very sweet with puppies and made friends with all people and invited to be petted.

Her first year she was real teenager. Charlotte raised her with a lot of patience and humor. Althought sometimes Elaine tried to raise Charlotte.

Elaine was very inventive, loved nosework with her toys. She did this nosework until the end.

She always accompanied Charlotte on the holidays. She was very wellbehaved in the hotels and also in the restaurant nobody saw or heard her.

Unfortunately everything has to end sometime. In July a tumor was discoverd in her belly. It couldn't be operated. Charlotte gave her everything she wished in those last weeks. All at a sudden it was over, Elaine stopped eating, she was in pain. She was put asleep and seemed to be okay with that. Charlotte and Elaine enjoyed eachother.

Thank you, Charlotte!