HOvawart Puppy looking for loving homeRapid van de Romerweide sucht liebevolles Zuhause



Our puppy Rapid van de Romerweide is still looking for his forever home. His future owner had to cancel because of health issues.

How much bad luck can you have? New people have visited us to learn to know our Rapid. It looked like he was going to move to his forever home soon. Unfortunately, the home situation has changed and Rapid can't move to them. So we are looking again for him.

Rapid is a confident, open dog, born at April 11th 2023. He is a dog from a heavy type. He already walks on lead and he regularly goes with us on trips. He goes with us in the restaurant, the city, to the railwaystation, animalpark and horses. He also went to a puppy play group where he met several breeds. He liked them all, aussie, teckel and bulldog, it is all okay to him. He also was a weekend away with us and our pack with our mobile home, which he did great.

He can stay on his own for a short time, when we are gone. He loves the contact to people and dogs. His favourite hobby is a tug game.

When we walk him on lead, he sometimes already makes eyecontact and shows some very nice heelwork. We expect he will be very happy to work with his owner.

At the litter check they didn't find any breed excluding problems. Of course he has been vaccinated, dewormed, chipped and he has an official FCI pedigree. He was bred at the RZV in Germany. His parents are Nana van de Romerweide and Primus von Arminius. Would you like more info about the litter, you can look here.

Hovi Welpe sucht ZuhauseShould you be interested in Rapid, please contact me.