Week 3

T-nest van de Romerweide wk3 1The eyes are open. The first black and gold lady went out to discover. I heard a puppy wailing. She climbed out of the box and went for a walk. She has now discoverd that it is warm in the box and cold on the tiles. T-nest van de Romerweide wk3 2

The weights are going up quickly. The bitches as well as the dogs are over one kilo. The black bitch is still the lightest and we still have the big blond boy. Weights are between 1090 and 1270 grams.

With the opened eyes, the puppies now start to walk. It is going to be fun. 

They  got their first deworming. The puppies were not very happy with it. We also tried to clip the nails. That is always nice for mum. De eerste wormkuur zit erin. 

For walking the puppies need energy and that's why they also take their rest, as you see.