R litter week 3

R Wurf Woche 3 orange collar had dewormingR litter week 3 is already on. The puppies are gaining weight and Nana is looking more and more for a bit of rest. We still see a clear difference between the two smaller bitches and the rest of the litter. But the little girls seem to be quit alright and are getting stronger. They won't let the others push them away anymore at the milkbar. Over the course of this week, some puppies gave it a try to have a look at the outside of the whelping box.

R Wurf Woche 3 UmzugIt was a busy week. We clipped the nails of all the puppies, so they won't damage Nana. That means 6 times 18 nails, so 108 in total. The puppies won't just lie down and wait what happen. They try to crawl away. Therefor you need some patience for this job. Deworming also took place this week. Deworming paste is not favourite with most puppies.  Mostly it gives a big mess.

At the end of the week, we made a little removal to another room where the puppies will get the possibility to go outside and start their new adventures.