Q litter week 8

Q litter week 8 Quiztnie van de RomerweideQ litter week 8 Quiztnie van de RomerweideWhat is happening with the Q litter week 8 ?

The puppies will have a busy programm this week. Of course they will get a lot of visitors and we make "walks", but we are also expecting the vet. She has checked, vaccinated and microchipped every puppy. From every puppy we have taken a bit of blood to be stored by our club RZV. Of course the ladies weren't as "sensible"as the boys. They sometimes really kicked off.

After the weekend Brigitte from the RZV came to check the litter. She did her checkup of character and exterior very quickly, but with a lot of love. It was in the afternoon that the puppies were tested. Unfortunately it was hot, so the puppies were fairly tired. But they all managed well.

Because of the heat, we made some waterfun for the litter. We have a little bath and a sprinkling flower for our "kids". Not all puppies love the water, but some of them really enjoyed it.