Q litter week 5

Q litter week 5 van de RomerweideQ litter week 5 van de RomerweideWhat is happening with the Q litter week 5 ?

This week the puppies developed very good. At the beginning of the week they started their discovery  very carefull. As at the end of this week they explored the complete playpen. They really need more to explore. So we will make a start with that.

We had to give them their second deworming this week. This time we decided to go for a tablet. It was totally no problem to give them these. They swallowed them easily. Unfortunately the puppies as well as Krek reacted on it. So they all had bad stools.

Beside a lot of sun and warmth, the puppies also had rain. They didn't mind the rain at all. So they are ready to leave for UK (just joking), as we understood from our UK friends that in UK it is clearly summer when it is raining warm water. We even had thunder and lightning, which was also completely okay for the little ones.

The puppies have a strong will. When they want something, they will try anything to get it.

Eating out of little bowls goes very well. They even had some real dry food this week, not soaked.