Q litter week 2

Q litter week 2 red girlQ litter week 2 orange girlWhat is happening with the Q litter week 2 ?

We have finished the first week, which was a heavy week. The puppies are gaining weight as well as Krek. Krek discovered how important it is to eat when you have puppies.

This week Brigitte from the breeding committee came along to have a look at the litter. She was satisfied about the condition of the puppies. Mama Krek might gain some weight, which we knew. As she is eating well now, we don't expect any problems there.

We also found time to take pictures of every puppy separate. If you like to watch them, just click here.

Some puppies have tried to stand up and walk this week. One even put his head outside the whelping box. Soon the eyes will open. That will be the time that they can start their discovery.

Some of the puppies are still looking for their forever homes. We have a few boys and a girl that didn't find their home yet.