P-litter week 4

P-litter week 4P-litter week 4 Bed from Nana van de RomerweideWeek 4 was an exciting week voor the puppies. They moved to another room. We made a special room for them, where they have more space. We planned that they could go out on theirselves there. Unfortunately the weather made that we couldn't make the outdoorarea ready for them. It was very wet and this was definitely not good for the puppies. But with moving to a new space they already had new things to discover. They still get some milk from Nana, but we have started to feed them a combinatio of milk and dryfood. They needed some time to get used to it, but that worked out fine.

This week we also got several visitors. Nana wasn't really amuses about that, but she was easy to bribe with food. After some growling and of course the food to bribe, the visitors were welcome. In the new puppyroom Nana has a special place to sleep, she has a raised bed. In this way she can't be bothered by her puppies. They really still like to drink with her, but they all have teeth. So she is not always to happy with that.

P-litter week 4 Puppies eating