Week 7

N-nest van de Romerweide week 7 (3)N-nest van de Romerweide week 7 (23)The week didn't start very well. Arizona van de Romerweide did a strange stunt and was rather severely injured. She wasn't capable of walking on four legs anymore. So she had to leave the puppies immidiately. This did give the puppies some problems, they had some diarrhea. So the vaccinations which we had planned on monday after Christmas were cancelled. So the vet came on wednesdey and vaccinated all puppies except for one. He still had a bit of diarrhea. So we decided to vaccinate him later this week. All puppies have a scissorbite, good tails.e nog niet helemaal van de diarree af was, hebben we besloten deze later deze week te laten enten.

N-nest van de Romerweide week 7 (19)This week we also had a N-nest van de Romerweide week 7 (1)special visitor, Carmen, the owner of Bendix, father of this litter. She enjoyed the puppies. She never saw such active puppies from Bendix. Should be said that she paid one of the litters a visit when it was 36 degrees. She was very satisfied with the characters, although there were some very strong ones. Also the exterior of the puppies she liked. She also made beautifull pictures of the puppies during her visit.

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