Week 4

N-nest van de Romerweide week 4 (4)N-nest van de Romerweide week 4 (10)N-nest van de Romerweide week 4 (9)The puppies are busy discovering. They use the whole area. We got the box out, so it is more easy for them to go to bed. We started to feed them some extra food and we don't give them milk except of course the milk from Arizona van de Romerweide.

The incisors are already there. Premolars are still coming.

The puppies like to play together and start to discover the toys. Although they don't like the sounds of the toys yet. They sometimes start to bark. Yes, they really can. Mum has been ill for a day, but because the puppies already eat their puppyfood very well, they didn't really have a problem with it.

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