Week 3

N-nest van de Romerweide week 3 (3)

The eyes are open and they are getting more active. Half this week we will start to feed them something extra. In this way the two smaller ones, a blond bitch and the blond dog with the red collar will grow a bit more maybe. Last week some of the puppies went over 1 kilo. This week the rest will follow. We have given them the first deworming. They were not happy with it. Arizona doesn't make any problem out of that. But she gets a pill and the puppies got fluid this time. 

This week we had more new things, not just deworming. We moved the box with contents and mumm to a bigger room. So the little ones can start their discovery. We have put in the first toys, but it is Arizona van de Romerweide who is happy with that. The puppies do start to play together. 

N-nest van de Romerweide week 3 (2) N-nest van de Romerweide week 3 (1)

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