Week 1

Due date for this litter was June 11. At June 6 Arizona was getting a bit stressed, didn't want to eat and her temperature dropped. It seemed we had to expect the puppies earlier. That was right. The puppies were born at June 7. The first one came at 22.45 and at 5.30 the last one came. So it was a heavy night. The first puppy was a black and gold boy. Six black and golds followed. Then finally a blond bitch came out.

Because she was very heavy at the end, we had expected more puppies, but the vet checked her. There were no further puppies. We are very happy with our 8 puppies. All the puppies had a weight of about 500 grams. They were doing well. Phoenix did have some trouble, but she was already a lot better one day later. She is starting to eat again.