Week 5

A-nest van de Romerweide wk5 1A-nest van de Romerweide wk5 2All future owners have paid a visit. Some of them enjoyed the moment the puppies left the box on their own, others enjoyed the mess they make with eating and other owners enjoyed the first trip outside. They have a big pen in the garden where they can enjoy the new world. Mopeds, cars, cyclists, screaming children, horses, barking dogs and of course a lot of agricultural traffic.  

They are discovering in the house. They would like a four times bigger room, because they enjoy the discovery. They are eating dry food now and they also drink milk with Destin van de Romerweide as a dessert.A-nest van de Romerweide wk5 4 A-nest van de Romerweide wk5 3