Week 1

A-nest van de Romerweide wk1 1A-nest van de Romerweide wk1 2Unfortunately birth didn't make a start and in consultation with our vet, we decided at March 27 to do a cesarean. The weight of Destin van de Romerweide gained with 15 kg during pregnancy. The vet didn't think it would be responsible to wait another night. We got 8 puppies, one of which was very small. All puppies are black and gold, 5 dogs and 3 bitches. 

At Monday morning Destin didn't have a lot of milk. In the afternoon it became more. The little bitch got some bottlemilk, because she clearly has trouble to get milk between her big brothers and sisters. She now drinks with her mother. 

One dog doesn't want to drink at wednesday. In the morning he was still fine. Examination by the vet didn't give a reason. Unfortunately the puppy only became more and more ill. He didn't make it. We will keep a close eye on the litter, but everything seems to be fine.