05-06-2003  †20-02-2012

Wyco was a very special Hovawart to Anja and Martin. I still remember that Anja had a dillema. Either she would take a dog out of this litter or she wouldn't have a puppy out of this litter, because the bitch was going to stay with us. Anja was afraid she wasn't capable of handling a dog. I then already told her that this wouldn't be a problem for her. They were a great team. I have rarely seen such a social dog. Anja did obedience on almost the highest level with him. What a great dog he was! You can only have a great dog when he has a good character and is well educated.

Unfortunaly Wyco went ill at a too young age. He vomitted a lot and at a certain moment he even didn't want to eat. After lot of examinations and with medication was tried to retain quality of life. Wyco had stomachcancer. The medication only worked a short time. At February 20th Anja and Martin had to make the decision to let him go. Anja and Martin, thank you so much for everything you have done for him.