Ultra van de Romerweide


04-10-2007    †  01-06-2021

Ultra van de Romerweide, called Ronja, was a beautiful bitch with a golden character. When Kees and An came for Ronja, they made clear that a stabile character was very important to them.

Ronja always went on holidays with them with the mobile home. A stabile and friendly character is then great of course. Other dogs always respected her. She was very friendly with kids and puppies.

Ultra always loved to run at high speed. Agility was something she really loved therefor. Althought she didn't really like the tunnel. Swimming and tracking were real hobbies for her. An also did showing with her. Althoug they didn't do that extremely often, Ronja was Dutch Champion.

At June 1st Kees and An had to decide to let her go.

Kees and An, thank you very much for loving Ronja so much!!