04-10-2007    †  06-04-2021

Djino, as they called Ulav, found his forever home with our friends Ron and Katja as a familydog. After the puppytraining, Djino did a lot of obedience. He also took part in an obedience demonstration at the Hovawart Club Nederland. Djino has a good play drive so Ron loved to play with him, it couldn't be rough enough. Katja went besides the normal walks also with him for jogging. He loved that. Unfortunately he was sometimes a little to strong for Katja. Djino also liked to help Katja to bring the shopping in. Piece by piece he brings it to the kitchen.

With other dogs and people Djino was friendly, but he was also a good guarddog. In his last years he did have some health issues, but with medication he did still have some good years.

Dear Katja and Ron, thank you very much!!