Timbra van Hovaveld hovawalla

10-03-1995 †20-01-2010

Timbra was my first hovawart. I wanted to start breeding with her. She had a severe kind of hipdysplasia. I was really down when I heard this result. I had so many plans with her, but with this bad result I wouldn’t be able to do a lot with her.mijn eerste hovawart. Timbra has been sporting till the age of a six years. Of cours she always remained my buddy. She helped raising many puppys. The last one was clearly a bit to much for her at the age of almost 15 years.

When Timbra was 12 years old, she got severe backproblems. During playing, she fell and we thought that this would be the end, because she couldn’t move her hindlegs. But after about one hour, she jumped over a fench we had put up, because she was not allowed to move to much. Again relief. In the next years we saw her getting really old, but she still played with our malinois Tjong. When at a certain moment her walks became smaller and she somestimes fell down and couldn’t get up herself, I had to make a decision. By that time she was already almost 15 years old. At the 20th of january I finally had to see goodbye to our Timmetje.

We enjoyed eachother.