10-05-2010   †  14-03-2023


Teagan got the name Truffel. Truffel was the second hovawart of John and Resi. He has been living together with Morris. Later when Morris wasn't there anymore, he became a girl friend Saartje (Jisti van de Romerweide). Teagan was a very strong male who did is job as a hovi very well. But he was a family friend as well.

Truffel was always in good health, but when he became older he got an intestinal infection. Unfortunately this infection was lethal to him. All medication didn't help him. Although he was almost 13 years old and we know we have to say goodbye sometime, his death was still unexpected.

Dear John and Resi, thanx again for all you did. You again have accompanied a hovi all his life until the end.