07-01-2021   †  15-06-2022

Sunny, alias Peanut was the first hovi of Theo and Kristine. Although Kristine had some work to do at the beginning as she was scared of dogs, she has completely fallen in love with Sunny. Unfortunately Sunny didn't get very old.
Sunny had a severe diarrhea. Although she was treated by her vet, the problem didn't go away.  Sunny felt worse. She was send to a specialist, who found out that she had PLE. PLE is not curable and Sunny became weaker and weaker.  There was no other option than to let her go.  Dramatic!!! The owners have been in contact to us all the way and wanted to stop the suffering.
Dear Theo and Kristine, i'm so sorry that you didn't get more time with Sunny. I really want to thank you for everything you did for her.