02-07-2001  †18-04-2013


Ona-Sam was always called Sam. Hanny en Henk had to wait a long time for Sam, but finally he was born as the only dog in the litter. Sam was a dog with strong self-will and he would show it. At young age we saw him regularly in the training. After that we saw him often when he was with us for holiday. The last year we saw him really get older. He was really less stabile. At the 7th of April he was also at the kennelmeeting. He also walked with all the other hovis and met his littersisters O'Mila and Oyka. I didn't expect that it would end that quickly. One and a half week later, he wasn't capable to get up anymore. Hanny and Henk had to decide to put him asleep. Hanny and Henk thank you for everything.